Guys Girl vs Cute Slut

We all know what a guys girl is right? The girl that’s always with the dudes, usually a pothead, guys refer to her as “chill as fuck” yeah. I was never that girl. I have lots of guy friends but you will never catch me doing bong rips watching ESPN/ Fuel tv on a rainy Monday night with the “homies” Then we all know what “cute sluts” are right? I am more on this side of the spectrum. Guys bring her around his friends occasionally but mostly just one on one with the guy and “cute slut”

Oh, and, the ‘guys girl’ 11 times out of 10 hates the cute slut.

Nothing annoys me more than when a girl who is busted and “chill” can be a total fucking slut, hook up with multiple guys, get drunk and be stupid and not even look good doing it, and no one judges her or says shit. But the second Holly the hottie has a drunk sexy hook up everyone points their finger at her screaming ” DIRTY SLUT” Why the fuck is this? I did not get the memo. Tana the tomboy was totally drunk and stoned Friday night and slept with some dude, no one talks about it. But then back to poor Holly there are rumors flooding the streets that she sleeps with multiple men and has dirty photos on the Internet. It’s okay cute sluts, we win in the end, no guy wants to take a pothead wannabe boyish chick back to his mom. Make it through all the rumors and dirty looks and you’re golden. Oh and whenever a girl calls me a slut I say “hell yeah I am.. I am flattered you think so much about me, I don’t think of you at all” Leaves them jaw dropped. Brush it off and move on. Be confident. It ain’t easy being sexy and sleazy.

Oldest lie in the book

"Oh my god I must have gotten roofied"

Yep. I’ve heard it and used it over a thousand times. I would love to blame me being a drunk asshole on getting roofied every time. But girls use it so often now a days, it is 99.99% unbelievable. Hey, maybe you did get roofied at a bar with all your friends and hook up with an embarrassing dude or pass out face down, or drunk dial the guy you like 50 times… Maybe if you’re in a relationship you cheated on your boyfriend? Shit happens.
But….chances are slim. The amount of times I have woken up and regretted everything from 10 pm on I say ” I swear I got roofied, I didn’t even drink that much” - easiest way out. All my friends have used this one too annnnd every girl I have seen be a drunk slut has used this nice little one liner. You didn’t get roofied, you had an off night(s) and are looking for any excuse to make yourself feel better. This can slide ONCE. After that get your act together. Actually..getting your act together is so not realistic. Come up with a better excuse, or no excuse at all. You can’t bullshit a bullshitter.

Should you touch the hot stove?

There’s always that one guy that you know you shouldn’t hook up with. Maybe one of your friends(not best friends more like acquaintances) had already hooked up with him or liked him, maybe he has a terrible reputation, maybe he’s just a fucked up person. Whatever-the-fuck- the reason is you just shouldn’t be going there. Well, meet me, I am always the girl that went there. I was the little kid who would touch the hot stove after my mom would tell me not to just because I wanted to see if I would really get burned. I did. Every time. When you put a big X on someone, when I’m drunk that person is a big yes in my head. My older sister had warned me about this guy, matt,I had never even met the guy, couldn’t even point him out in a crowd. but she told me to stay away from him. I went out one random night and was talking to some dude in the bar. We were super into each other, about an hour into our little flirty chat I said “what’s your name again?” What do ya know, it was Matt. The Matt my sister and others had warned me about. Howwww in the fucking hell out of the thousands of people in this town, do I end up sitting next to and having a connection with MATT?! I was drunk by this point, saw his nice ass car and loved his attitude, so I went back to his place. The next morning I hauled ass out of there to walk home because I lived close, had to take a breather on a bench not far from his place… Who rolls up? MY SISTER. That’s right, she sees me and puts 2&2 together, I get in the car head down full of shame, and get bitched out for the next hour hearing about how this will ruin my reputation. Later on this same week Matt asked a friend of my sisters for my number, the little bitch gave her friends number, so they could control if me and Matt ever hung out again. Fucked up, right? Well just because she thought she could control it doesn’t mean she did, I would see him out and never knew he had the wrong number but we still went home together multiple times. It never backfired on me (not yet) but I also got out early. If you’re willing to take the risk of getting with the guy you shouldn’t then do it. It’s fun and keeps you on your toes. But if you don’t want to be labeled the towns slut and end up getting hurt and being the dumbass in the end… Stay far away. Run my friend. You will get burned like I did on the hot stove. I still haven’t learned though, being cautious and careful isn’t my thing.
Sorry sis.